“What’s in a name?”

'Ro' is the Moari word for the praying mantis.

We chose the name Ro Organic Brewery to try to reflect what we stand for being a truly green Far North New Zealand business.

We are a wholly organic enterprise and like our name sake the praying mantis we take pride in having a small footprint.

Welcome to Ro Oragnic Ale

Welcome to Ro Organic Brewery. We are committed to being New Zealand’s most eco-friendly brewer of quality organic beer and organic ale.

At RO Organic Brewery we make NZs most natural beer. After all we hardly see the point in
brewing a top quality organic beer and then filtering, force carbonating and using cleaners in its production that are detrimental to the planet.

Ro Organic Brewery brews beer in the Belgian tradition, unfiltered and reconditioned in the bottle from the finest organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals, as nature intended.


At Ro Organic Brewery our stunning location in Far North of New Zealand allows us to brew beer that is uniquely flavoursome whilst maintaining a small environmental footprint.

At present Ro Brewery produces a Blonde and Amber ale made from the finest local organic ingredients. These beers mature for maximum flavour and drinkability. As well as the lowest ecological footprint possible – we’re saving world one organic beer at a time.

Please see our stockists to find out where you can buy our beers or if you are interested in buying wholesale please contact us.

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